Who Is The Teacher

My name is Roberto Servetti. I was born in Montevideo – Uruguay. I lived for twenty years in various cities in Brazil. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I am passionate about the Spanish, Portuguese, and English languages and their respective cultures.
I have a master’s degree in “Hispanic Cultures and Literatures” from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Toronto. In addition, I have a degree in Administrative Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil. I have experience working in American (IBM) and Spanish (Union Fenosa subsidiary) multinationals.
In my professional life, I have worked in various areas of activity such as construction, IT, and in my travel agency. All this accumulated experience has been useful when teaching my courses. Especially, my business Spanish course. I am very clear about the difficulties an executive faces when learning a new language and I know how I can help him overcome them and learn.
I have more than twenty years of experience teaching languages to children and adolescents, professionals, and executives in different contexts such as private schools, university (U de T-ON-Ca), language schools, companies, and community centers, in groups and individually. In addition, I have been teaching online since 2015 with the same dedication, passion, and professionalism as in face-to-face classes.