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If you have already tried to learn other times without success or want to start studying a second or perhaps a third language for the first time, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you achieve your goals.
Studies and books in the contemporary world
There are language courses that do not offer textbooks to help students achieve their goals of being able to learn a new language. There are courses that use loose leaves as a base material and do not offer students a solid textbook that
allows them to learn, review and understand the topics that will be developed during the course. Serious courses, which are not superficial, use a textbook that allows the student to have in their hands that key element that is the backbone of the course itself. Having a good textbook allows you to review the topic in a logical sequence and gain confidence in the use of language.
Another problem that students face when they begin to learn a foreign language is related to the level of knowledge of the language and, indeed, the time that must be devoted to each level to master it. Obviously the non-serious courses lie about it, taking advantage of the ignorance of the students and their concern for learning the language. Most of these courses spread the false idea that it is possible to go from basic to advanced knowledge in less than 100 hours of lessons and this is a big lie. In general, to cover that distance between basic and advanced levels, at least 400 hours of lessons are required. If not, anyone without any effort could speak four or five languages. And we know very well that this is not the case.
We offer serious courses
At Avatar Languages ​​we offer you a serious course with a textbook and lots of additional material that will help you put into practice the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking, creating a truly rewarding experience. All this added to a highly qualified teacher who will guide you on a safe path, help you build your own knowledge and ultimately, master the new language.